Emergent Space: Co-Creating the Container for Cultural Change

The 2021 North Carolina Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Academy

Presentation Description:

Sexual violence prevention relies on conversations that shift cultural norms, and these conversations require trust, connection, mutual understanding, and a willingness to decenter your own lived experiences in order to listen fully to others. Creating trust like that often requires “creating the container” — taking time to allow the group to form connections, expectations, and shared values that can guide the collaboration. As preventionists, it is easy to see this as “pre-work” — or preparatory work that must be checked off before we can start the real work of prevention education. However, an emergent space framework (an alternative to “brave” or “safe” space facilitation inspired by the six principles of emergence outlined by adrienne maree brown in her book, Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds) reminds us the the container-building is an essential and ongoing part of the work.

In this workshop, attendees will learn about applying the six principles of emergent strategy to classroom and group development and facilitation, and will receive specific guidance on using the principles of emergence to create the container for transformative, culture-shifting, stereotype-challenging change.

Presented by Shareen El Naga and Montia Daniels.

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