Summit Speaker Announcement: JOAN TABACHNICK

The 2021 North Carolina Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Academy

Summit Speaker Announcement: JOAN TABACHNICK

We are delighted to announce Joan Tabachnick as a presenter for the 2021 NC Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Summit!

Joan Tabachnick (she/her/hers) has developed educational materials and innovative sexual violence prevention programs for national, state and local organizations over 25 years.  Her primary focus is on preventing the perpetration of sexually harmful behaviors, particularly in adolescents and young adults.  Joan created the educational programming for Stop It Now! before starting her own consulting practice.  Since then she has been director of NEARI Press, founding co-chair of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) prevention committee, and is executive director of MASOC.  Joan is a fellow of ATSA and awarded a fellowship with the Department of Justice, SMART Office.  with a focus on preventing campus sexual misconduct. 

Joan serves on a number of national and statewide task forces including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Stop It Now!.  Her written work includes a National Sexual Violence Resource Center publications titled “Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention,” and another titled “Family Reunification after Child Sexual Abuse,” and a publication through ATSA called “A Reasoned Approach:  The Reshaping of Sex Offender Policy to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.”  Joan is currently co-writing a book chapter about “Incorporating What is Known about Respondents and Their Perspectives into Thoughtful Adjudication Practices.”.  Visit www.joantabachnick.com for more information.   

Presentation Title: The Other Side of the Same Coin: A Conversation about Those Who Cause Harm

Presentation Description: Emerging research about adults and adolescents who have committed a sexual offense has clearly shown the diversity of this group – differences in behaviors, in motivations, and in cognitive understanding. Similar to the nuanced remedies that survivors need, understanding the differences in those who commit sexual harm can help to expand the types of remedies practitioners can seek for survivors. A conversation with Joan Tabachnick, nationally recognized for her work in preventing the perpetration of sexual violence, and Christi Hurt, a long-time survivor advocate and community safety consultant, will address the commonalities of these two seemingly divergent points of view, as well as the stark differences. By doing so, we hope to uncover a wider range of opportunities for justice and accountability for those impacted by sexual harm, their families, and their communities.



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