Summit Speaker Announcement: PASSION STAR

The 2021 North Carolina Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Academy

Summit Speaker Announcement: PASSION STAR

We are delighted to announce Passion Star as a presenter for the 2021 NC Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Summit!

Passion Star (they/them/theirs) is 37 years old and the current PREA coordinator for the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA). Unfortunately for themself but fortunate for their life’s work, they have in-depth experience and knowledge about how prisons work, having spent almost 18 years of their life in confinement – youth prison or jail. While serving a 20-year sentence in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) they filed a lawsuit for 8th amendment violations and successfully advocated for so many other prisoners from prison as well as out of prison.

Presentation Title: Proactive PREA: Understanding Grooming

Presentation Description: This presentation will offer inside perspective on prison culture and how sexual assaults are often not isolated incidents based upon lived experiences as well as advocating from within prison confinement. When advocates have little real understanding how sexual violence occurs in prisons, PREA has become a reactionary tool in a lot of prison systems with its implementation. Many issues that incarcerated individuals who eventually become survivors contact crisis centers about may not fall under the purview of the responding advocate, which leaves some incarcerated people to become survivors of sexual abuse. What I am attempting to do with this presentation is to shed light on prison culture as well as further explain the importance of understanding so advocates can recognize when grooming may be happening to an incarcerated individual before the sexual violence has happened.



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