Summit Speaker Announcement: SKYE KANTOLA

The 2021 North Carolina Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Academy

Summit Speaker Announcement: SKYE KANTOLA

We are delighted to announce Skye Kantola as a conversation panelist for the 2021 NC Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Summit! 

Skye is a violence prevention educator at Indiana Disability Justice, an engaged artist at Faerie Bear Art, and a work in progress.Their passion for positive social change is rooted in their experiences as a disabled and autistic trans person, a survivor, and a community organizer in Texas and Indiana. Skye works as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator in the offices of Agricultural Extension and the Office of Multicultural Programming at Purdue University.  She also serves as the Communications Director and chair of the Accountability Action Group for Pedagogy & Theatre of the Oppressed, Inc. In her free time, Skye enjoys compassionately disrupting complacency, doing positive dog training, studying white supremacy and mass violence, practicing trauma healing, and taking care of Mother Earth.

Conversation title: “A More Inclusive Movement: Centering the Margins in Sexual Violence Prevention.”


(Image description: A photo of Skye, a white trans and queer disabled person, sitting with their dog, Cricket, an orange and white herding dog with long hair, in front of a garage door painted blue with flowers.  Skye is wearing a black collared shirt, slim rectangular glasses, and headphones.  Skye and Cricket are both smiling at the camera.)


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