Breakout Session: Educating school personnel and students on minor sex trafficking: Overview of the Teach2Reach program

The 2021 North Carolina Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Academy

It is critical that youth and school personnel receive education and training on domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST), including its definitions and dynamics, resources available to minors, and how to support and help peers. This workshop will provide an overview of DMST and summarize the Teach2Reach (T2R) program.

The Teach2Reach (T2R) curriculum was developed in response to a North Carolina (NC) requirement for schools to teach DMST prevention and awareness based on scientific research in grades 7–9. As there is currently no “gold standard” DMST program for schools, T2R sought to address this gap through an interdisciplinary collaboration between university researchers, the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NCCASA), and other key community stakeholders, including human trafficking survivors. These partnerships have been central to the development and implementation of the T2R curriculum, resulting in educator training and student curriculum materials that are focused on and specifically fit to the needs of minors in North Carolina. In delineating the collaborative process used to develop the T2R curriculum and manual, this presentation will explore the key elements of the T2R curriculum, including elements which integrate with sexual assault education and prevention and the collaborative efforts to reduce harm to marginalized youth in the delivery of T2R content.

The presentation will highlight (1) the definitions, dynamics, risk factors, and consequences of minor sex trafficking; (2) the need to educate students about sex trafficking; (3) the T2R curriculum and training materials; (4) the content and state-level learning standards addressed in the lessons; (5) T2R efforts to create inclusive content with space and safety for marginalized students in lessons and staff/instructor trainings; and (6) strategies and best practices for delivering T2R and violence education online. In exploring the T2R content and recommendations, attendees will be empowered to understand how to synthesize DMST prevention and education efforts with prevention work aimed at sexual assault or targeting marginalized communities.

Presenters: Hannabeth Franchino-Olsen and Cynthia Fraga Rizo.


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